April 13, 2012


Usually I don't have sweet tooth.. Hence I don't show interest or spend much time on preparing sweets at home. Only you can find me holding sugar packet when there is festival..That was a day I planned to make Jalebi for Pongal 2012. My first time experience, so had to see loads of cooking videos. Finally I made up my mind with one recipe which combined all tips and tricks of few online recipes.

Jalebi looks yummy at stores but trust me its very hard to prepare at home. When I started mixing the batter I was so confident that I would get a wow from my hubby. Then when I started squeezing the batter which was filled in zip lock cover into the oil I ended up getting a strange shape of Jalebi. For a second I thought ohhh!! This is it. I'll give up..

Then told myself not to worry about the shape and proceeded immersing that first Jalebi  into hot sugar syrup, waited 5 mins. Had a bite to check the taste. Hmmm That was really a finger-licking thing!!

So I decided to continue the rest of the batter to make Jalebi inspite of whatever shape I get. But I did adjusted the heat since I read somewhere in internet that the oil should be in medium heat. If it is too hot the Jalebi will disintegrate at the starting itself. If it is too low then the batter wont puff up.

I admire only two Jalebis out of 12 Jalebis I made. That has been captured by my camera. Since its trial and error recipe I will post the full details of  the recipe after I try one more time.

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